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At Laurentian Bank, we are proud to contribute to the development of a more responsible banking era.

That’s why we’ve expanded our product offering in the responsible investing (RI) sector to provide our clients with sustainable investment options.

What is responsible investing?

Responsible investing facts

Our responsible investment products

Our range of responsible investment products consists of ActionGICs (indexed investments) and mutual funds. You can also invest these products in registered (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF) and non-registered plans.


To invest in a local and environmentally responsible way.

Take advantage of market performance and greater growth potential than a conventional GIC, while guaranteeing 100% return of capital.

  • Quebec Performance ActionGIC

    The index consists of 11 Quebec companies, all of which have their head offices in Quebec. By opting for this product, you are contributing to the development of Quebec businesses and are encouraging the local economy.

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  • Canadian Sustainability ActionGIC

    The index is composed of 14 Canadian companies that have distinguished themselves for adopting ecofriendly practices. By choosing this product, you are contributing to the economic growth of our country.

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ESG Model Portfolios - New

Designed by an experienced Mackenzie Investments portfolio manager, these new portfolios are intended for both novice and seasoned investors who wish to invest responsibly and help build a better world.

Discover 3 ESG Model Portefolios.

Socially responsible mutual funds2

Invest according to your values.

These funds consist of capital from companies whose practices meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in their investment decisions. By choosing them, you are helping to create a real impact within society, while benefiting from the potential for long-term competitive returns.

Contribute to your RRSP, TFSA, RESP for a better future and that of future generations.

Find how to invest in your dream future