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Saving for a dream retirement isn’t always easy. Did you know that you can take advantage of your tax refund1 to help you reach your goal?

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1. Assuming that you are entitled to a fax refund. Estimate based on exemption for single person without dependents. Note that the information provided when you file your tax return might increase or decrease the amount of your tax refund. This assessment is based on fair assumptions using 2019 federal and provincial income tax tables and certain tax credits. However, results may differ materially depending on the individual's situation. To calculate your personal income tax return, please consult your accountant or tax specialist. Other calculators and systems may produce a penny-wise variance in the financing amount. This simulation does not take into account the interest payable on your RRSP loan. Data generated using this tool are approximate and do not create any legal or contractual obligation for Laurentian Bank and its subsidiaries. Loan acceptance remains at all times subject to credit approval by Laurentian Bank of Canada. Talk to your branch advisor for more details on our financing solutions.
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