Real Estate Financing

Recognized for speedy financing approval and implementation, our experienced real estate professionals provide you with their cutting-edge proficiency in real estate financing.

Our team will find the solutions that best suit your investment needs:

Construction Loans

  • Variable-rate interim loan for the acquisition of land up to a maximum of 50% of the value or 75% of the construction cost of your project;
  • Loan in step-ups according to the sales level achieved on a construction project.

These variable rate loans are ideal for financing construction projects (residential or commercial). 

Temporary Loans for Conversions or Redevelopments

This type of loan enables you to acquire real estate assets with retrofitting potential.

Term Loans

  • Fixed-rate term loan for financing of up to 75% of your building’s value, including term refinancing of the property recently built.

Ideal for financing the acquisition, optimization or modernization of a building or other assets linked to it.

This type of loan enables you to finance real estate projects without overly stressing your business working capital. It offers flexible payment methods and matches both the useful life of the asset and the operating cycle of your business.

Multi-unit Loans

Financing or refinancing loan for multi-unit residential properties of up to 75 % of the building’s value (85 % if guaranteed by the CMHC).

Stands-By Letter Credit

If required, to ensure the financial obligations linked to the development of your real estate project.

Lines of Credit

This credit line with variable rate is ideal for interim financing of taxes or other recurring costs tied to your project’s construction. Never again be short of cash between payments, and take advantage of this financing to always meet your obligations.