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1.How can I receive my statements electronically?
  • Have an LBCDirect account.
    If you are not yet registered or if you have lost your password, please contact us at 1-800-252-1846.

Watch the tutorial (2 min)

Is your LBCDirect already linked to epost? [+]

Haven’t linked your account to epost yet? [+]

2.What types of accounts provide eStatements?

EStatements are available for CAD or USD bank accounts: line of credit, mortgage and Tactical investment accounts. Electronic versions are also available for the Super Statement and personal Laurentian Bank Visa credit card statements (Black, Black Reward Me, Black Reduced Rate, Student Visa Black, DOLLARS, EXPLORE and Infinite).

3.I receive the Super Statement in paper format. What will the eStatement look like?

The Super Statement groups the latest transactions for several products in a single document. The eStatement also consolidates this information for the various accounts held. The statements of account for each product are listed one after the other.

4.Are my statements stored and if so, for how long?

Statements are stored for a period of seven years. Your archive will be built up over time, starting from the date you sign up for epostTM eStatements.

5.How can I view my statements?

There are two ways to access your eStatements. Simply log on to LBCDirect and go to the Messages section. You will then be able to view, store or download your statements. You can also connect directly to your epost mailboxTM.

6.Why don't my epost statements open properly in my browser?

If you are having trouble reading your statements, it may be due to a pop-up blocker. Please change your browser settings to disable the pop-up blocker on your computer.

7.Can I print or save my eStatements?

Yes, you can. You can save your statements in your secure LBCDirect session, print your documents or download PDFs to your computer. Please note that by printing or downloading your statements, your personal information is no longer secure.

8.I have a joint account. How can each of us receive eStatements via epost?

From your respective LBCDirect accesses, each of you must link your joint account to the same epost mailbox. Please note that by using the same epost mailbox, the other accounts (not joint accounts) can also be viewed by your partner.

9.Does my consent to receive my statements electronically also apply to other documents? When does my consent take effect?

Your consent also applies to notices, amendments, agreements and other documents. It takes effect as soon as you change your communications preferences on LBCDirect.

10.When I give my consent to receive my statements electronically, to which products does it apply?

Your consent applies only to products you hold or will hold in the future, among the following: CAD or USD accounts, line of credit, mortgage and Tactical investment accounts, as well as personal Laurentian Bank Visa credit cards.