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My advice • December 04, 2023
modified on January 17, 2024

Holiday shopping tips to earn more rewards and spend smarter

This year, use your Laurentian Bank Visa* to get more while you give.

A person is holding a credit card at a laptop. The scene has holiday related decorations and wrapping paper.

As the holiday season draws closer, you may be thinking about making the most of your purchases and finding out what they can do for you. Fortunately, Laurentian Bank’s Visa* card offering comes with a rewards program that provides extra earnings for you this holiday season and all year long. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of simple, savvy ways to get more for what you give. All you need is your Laurentian Bank Visa* card.

1. Supercharge your rewards at your favourite stores

Your Laurentian Bank Visa* card provides access to a wide range of offers and benefits—with extra opportunities to increase your earning power. Earn up to 15% back in rewards by taking advantage of your card’s eShop and inCard offers.


Automatically earn when you shop for your favourite brands offers. It’s that easy. For example, you can get up to an additional 7% back in rewards when you send someone (including yourself) a little yuletide cheer from 1-800-Flowers, or receive 2,000 bonus points for first-time purchase plus 2% back in rewards with Sunwing. Simply log in to your Laurentian Bank Visa account to discover our offers.


Login to your account online to shop exciting eShop offers with over 70 of the most-loved brands: from RONA to Apple. Whether your loved ones love the outdoors or prefer being warm and cozy indoors, gifts from Gap or Decathlon are always a hit (so is earning up to 12% back in rewards).

2. Stress less with flexible repayment options

According to PwC Canada, Canadians plan on spending an average of $1,635 on holiday gifts, travel, and entertainment this year.1 More likely than not, most residents of the True North won’t want to pay it all back in one go. Luckily, Laurentian Bank’s Visa* credit card offering gives cardholders stress-reducing repayment options to keep you in the driver’s seat in terms of how much you pay back and when.

Pay on your own terms

With your Laurentian Bank Visa*, you can repay eligible purchases—starting at just $100—in smaller, equal monthly instalments, at a lower interest rate. That way, you stay in control of your budget and continue to collect the rewards you deserve.

Redeem what you earn

Accumulated extra points on your holiday purchases? You can redeem what you’ve earned in the form of a payment to your Laurentian Bank Visa* account balance or purchase (free payment!).

3. Keep your seasonal spending in check

It’s often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—wisdom you can apply to this year’s holiday spending by creating a budget before you hit the stores. Laurentian Bank makes the process quick and painless with simple, intuitive tools that allow you to set up a monthly budget, review historical spending trends, and adjust spending limits by category. Want a hand? Our advisors are here to help with your budget.

Even with the best intentions, it can be a challenge to keep track of every single purchase, which is why you can opt to receive notifications when you’ve made a purchase, or when you’re approaching your credit limit.

A very rewarding season

When you use your Laurentian Bank Visa* card, you can expect more easy ways to earn, flexible repayment options, and additional peace of mind while you shop this holiday season. Giving has never been so rewarding!

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