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My tools • September 25, 2019
modified on October 01, 2019

Need to do your banking? Find out how to do it in a few clicks!

How to do your banking in just a few clicks

Wondering how to do your banking without having to visit your branch? You should know that there are several easy ways to do your transactions.

How do you deposit a large amount in US dollars? How do you transfer funds to a friend or relative? How do you pay a bill from an account with joint holders?

Discover a brand new dynamic tool on our website that helps you quickly find the solutions you can use to carry out several types of banking transactions. It’s easy to use, all you have to do is select the fields that match your situation and the kind of transaction you want to do:

  1. You are an individual or business client;
  2. You have a Canadian or US dollar account with one or more signatories;
  3. You want to make a deposit, payment, withdrawal or transfer. You will see the range of possibilities in a few clicks.

No matter what the time or place, you can manage your accounts online and do your banking simply and easily!

If you’re looking for other solutions or have a specific transaction need, our team is on hand to assist and advise you and answer your questions. All you have to do is contact your branch consultant or account executive.

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