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Off on vacation?

Access your money easily...fee-free*!

Many of us find it more convenient not to carry cash. When we’re travelling, though, it can be useful to have a little money at hand, so it’s good to be able to access a banking machine no matter where you are! But everyone’s a little weary of paying additional fees to withdraw cash.

Did you know that as a Laurentian Bank customer, you can use many ABMs across Canada and the US without paying a fee*? You can! To make life simpler, the bank is offering you access to THE EXCHANGE® network.

THE EXCHANGE® is a group of several financial institutions that have agreed to allow their cardholders to use each other’s banking machines as if they were their own. Everyone benefits! That means you have fee-free* access to 3,300 banking machines across Québec and Canada and 500,000 in the United States. This will save interbank fees on every transaction while you’re on the road, an average savings of $3 per transaction.

How to use it

In the United States: Find automatic banking machines bearing the Accel® logo to make fee-free* withdrawals anywhere in the United States.

In Canada: Look for the EXCHANGE® logo to find participating ABMs. Just use your Laurentian Bank card for your transaction. It’s easy and economical!

There’s always an ABM on your way!
THE EXCHANGE® Network Accel® Network (U.S.)
Download the EXCHANGE® app
to find the ABM nearest you.

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