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My tools • February 12, 2020
modified on March 10, 2020

Save better with an advisor

Investment tips, saving strategies, financing options, RRSP and TFSA comparative tables and calculators.

Is saving still a mystery to you? Be sure to check out the new Save Better web page. Launched earlier this year, it features many tips to start saving or save even more. You will also find RRSP and TFSA comparative tables to help you choose between one of these investment vehicles.

Want to save, but don’t know how to do so to achieve your goals? Establishing a saving strategy would be the best option. And the Save Better web page gives you a taste of the various solutions available, including GICs and mutual funds. A Periodic Savings and Investment Plan (PSIP) can also be a good idea, because it helps you adopt good saving habits and save year-round by regularly setting aside money without having to think about it.

You will also be able to compare our RRSP financing options to borrow to invest. Want to optimize your meeting with your advisor, know your investor profile or diversify your investments? You can find tips on these topics on the new Save Better web page. In addition, you can use the various tools to calculate the value of a periodic investment, the savings needed for a specific goal, your retirement needs or your maximum RRSP contribution.

All in one place:

If you are looking for assistance and personalized saving advice, please see your advisor. They will guide you.

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