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Fixed-rate mortgage

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Take advantage of our fixed-rate mortgage to make your homeownership dream come true! We devised this solution with one idea in mind: to make your life easier.

In a nutshell…

Plan your payments for the next few years by taking advantage of our attractive fixed-rates over various terms. This is just the ticket if you’re looking for long term stability – that’s why we call it a fixed-rate mortgage!

Offer Closed fixed-rate mortgage
Terms 6 months to 10 years, closed or convertible
Payments Fixed amounts
Guaranteed rate Up to 120 days
15/15 option You can choose to make an additional payment or to increase the amount of
your payments. The prepayment opportunity is directly applied to the principal,
which in turn diminishes global costs.
  • Additional payments2
    Opportunity to make a principal payment of not more than 15% of the initial principal amount of the loan, once a year.
    AND / OR
  • Increased payment amount
    Opportunity to increase the amount of your payments once a year by up to 15%.
Payment frequency Monthly payments, month-end payments, biweekly or weekly (accelerated or not).

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This mortgage product is for you if:

  • You’re a first-time homebuyer;
  • You’re not comfortable with rate fluctuations;
  • You wish to enjoy the stability of a fixed-rate for the duration of the term.

This mortgage product is not for you if:

  • You do not wish to enter into a closed mortgage loan for a determined period;
  • You’re very tolerant to rate fluctuations.

Legal notice

1 Subject to credit approval. Certain conditions apply.
2 This privilege applies to each mortgage loan (facility) separately. Note that if your mortgage is divided into facilities (more than one loan), it is not possible to apply the privilege of one loan (facility) to another.

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