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Student Visa Black
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Flexibility, adaptability, reality: three words that describe the excellent advantages of student Visa* cards. Laurentian Bank offers you 2 types of card: the Visa Black card and the Visa Black Reward Me card. If you’re looking for a way to take some of the worry out of pursuing your education goals, read on!


Nothing could be simpler! It’s a credit card adapted to the realities of student life: it has flexible admissibility criteria and gives you the opportunity to start building credit now – a real advantage when the time comes to make important first purchases, such as a car.

What is the Visa Black Reward Me card for students?

It has all the same great features as the Black card, but with even more to offer! In fact, it allows you to accumulate points redeemable for gift cards at over 80 different retail establishments. Well-known brands? Absolutely! Pharmaprix, St-Hubert Rotisseries, the SAQ, Petro-Canada… to
name just a few. Use your rewards to help you save on daily expenses or treat yourself to a restaurant meal or special outing. You can even redeem your points for Laurentian Bank gift cards applicable to our investment products1.

You can benefit from all the advantages of the Visa Black Reward Me Black card for students for as little as $3.502 per month! And when you spend over $3503 net on purchases during your billing cycle, Laurentian Bank will offer to reimburse your monthly fees. Getting interesting?

How the Reward Me program works

This amazing reward program lets you accumulate points quickly:
$1 purchase = 1 point! Your first reward is easily acquired for as little as 1,600 points! Visit www.laurentianbank.ca/rewardzone to discover all the exciting rewards you can choose from! A very interesting offer for full-time students, don’t you think?

Security and protection with Assur-paymentTM!

Benefit from Assur-paymentTM4 protection, offered as an option on your Visa card. Guarantee your security and the security of your loved ones and enjoy life worry-free!

  • Reimbursement of the minimum payment5 in the event of job loss or disability
  • Reimbursement of the balance in the event of death.6
  • Legal assistance
  • Convalescence assistance
  • Accès-Santé Info assistance
  • VIE COURANTE assistance

As a student, these four great advantages deserve your attention!

Whichever card you choose, consider the advantages of a credit card tailored to student life.

Build credit… to prepare your future

By starting to build credit now, your financial objectives in years to come will be easier to achieve. A properly used credit card could help you with your first apartment rental or car purchase. As in many other areas of life, however, moderation is the way to go! It’s important to use credit in a balanced, responsible way and to get good advice. Avoid the usual pitfalls: you don’t want to spend the first part of your working life paying back debt instead of enjoying yourself! Consult the My Credit section of our Website or our brochure for more on the subject.

Simplify your everyday life with a unique payment method

Centralize all your purchases and expenses on your credit card: grocery, pharmacy, gas station, etc., without the added fees your might incur with a debit card!

Use your statement the smart way

Think practical! Your account statement becomes an efficient management tool that allows you to keep close track of your purchases and expenses.

Rest easy

  • Enjoy full protection in the event of loss, theft or unauthorized use of your card or account information. With Visa’s Zero Liability7 policy, you have nothing to pay.
  • Benefit from an additional insurance program with the Visa Black Reward Me card. Refer to the feature grid below.
  • Easily access funds with your credit card PIN.
  • Safely shop online at a participating merchant with Verified by Visa or Visa Checkout.

Enjoy great discounts

Take advantage of numerous discounts on merchandise, travel, activities, etc. with Visa Perks. Visit www.visaperks.ca to find out about all current offers.


Visa Black Reward Me

Visa Black

Rewards program Point
  • $1 purchase = 1 point
Gift cards
  • Over 80 participating merchants
  • Gift cards available from 1,600

Laurentian Bank financial products

  • Redeem points for $100 in financial products, free banking plan for 1 year, etc.
  • Protection in the event of theft or accidental damage for 90 days following purchase of items paid with your card.
  • Double the manufacturer’s guarantee
    for up to one year
Monthly fee2
  • $3.50 per month
  • The only card to reimburse monthly
    fees with $350 or more in net monthly
    purchases on the account.3.
  • Free
Additional card2
  • Free
  • Free
Annual interest rate2
  • 19.99% on purchases
  • 21.99% on balance transfers and cash advances
  • 19.99% on purchases
  • 21.99% on balance transfers and cash advances

Think practical!

  • 21-day interest-free payment deferment until the date shown on your statement
  • Possibility of access to virtual mail statement
  • Cash transfers to others credit cards possible with Visa cheques Card accepted in over 150 countries
  • Cash advances available from 800,000 automatic teller machines and 400,000 financial institutions
  • Free additional cards
  • Easy account payment by mail, telephone, Internet or at Bank branches


This product is for you if:

  • You’re a full-time student;
  • You’d like to build a credit history;
  • You’re considering studying abroad;
  • You’re looking for a smart payment solution tailored to your purchases;
  • You’d like the possibility of obtaining fast credit in emergency situations;
  • You’d like to combine the practical and the enjoyable by adding an attractive reward program to your credit card, such as in the Visa Black Reward Me card.
Credit card's documentation


* Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

Legal notice

1. Applicable on Term deposit, GIC, ActionGIC, Multi-Rater GIC and Xtra Multi-Rater GIC. Subject to the conditions and minimum investment amount of each product. Some conditions apply.
2. Subject to change.
3. The net purchase amount must be greater than $350 per billing cycle. Cash advances, Visa cheques, fees (including monthly fees, cheques with insufficient funds, etc), account transfers, automatic teller transactions and all credits to the account are not considered admissible purchases
4. Assur-paymentTM for the Laurentian Bank Visa card is underwritten by The Industrial Alliance, a personal insurance company. To be eligible, you must be aged 18 to 64 inclusively at the date of application. Fees of $0.97 per $100 used balance apply. Subject to change.
5. Maximum of $750 per month, up to a cumulative maximum of $15,000.
6. Up to a maximum of $15,000 in the event of natural death or of $30,000 in the event of accidental death.
7. To sign up for the coverage, each authorized user must comply with the agreement governing the use of the Laurentian Bank Visa card, including conditions regarding the obligation to protect the PIN.
8. All insurance programs are subject to the restrictions and conditions provided for by the insurance certificates included in the welcome package for new cardholders.

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