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Annual fees: $651
Additional card: Free
Interest rate on purchases: 19.99%


on pre-authorized



on grocery
and gas2



on all other
eligible purchases2

No cashback limit and your DOLLARS credits don’t expire.
Discover all your advantages
Reward yourself anytime
  • Redeem a cashback credit anytime when your DOLLARS credits balance is $25 or greater
To find out more about this Rewards Program see: Laurentian Bank Visa DOLLARS program rules.
  • To redeem cashback: visit :
  • Enjoy peace of mind
    Purchase Insurance and Extended warranty4
    For more details, refer to the summary of the insurance product and to the insurance certificate.
    Purchase Insurance
    • Coverage against theft or accidental damage for 90 days on merchandise paid with the card
    Extended Warranty
    • Extended manufacturer’s warranty up to one year
    Fraud Protection5
    Visa* Zero Liability
    • You are cover against unauthorized use of your card: Shop safely without fear of being charged for fraudulent purchases.
    OPTION – Coverage of your Visa card balance with Assur-paymentTM6
    For more details, refer to the summary of the insurance product and to the insurance certificate.
    Coverage when you need it the most

    The Assur-PaymentTM combines insurance6, advice and health and wellness assistance services to support you and your loved ones in the event of the unexpected. Offered as an optional Laurentian Bank Visa* card ​benefit, AssurPaymentTM provides the support to help you in your daily life and when you need it most.

    Coverage when you need it the most
    Combines life, disability and job loss insurance7 to fully cover you

    Assistance services8 focused on health and well-being
    Provides personal budgeting advice, legal advice, and psychological, grief and emotional loss support

    Learn more


    Enjoy special benefits and features
    Everyday services
    • 21-day interest-free payment deferment until the date shown on your statement
    • Visa payWave* to quickly settle small purchases
    • Possibility of access to virtual mail statement
    • 2,99% interest for 9 months9 on balances transferred from other credit cards
    • Card accepted in more than 200 countries
    • Cash advances and withdrawals available from more than 1 million ABMs affiliated with the Visa, Interac and PLUS networks, 24 hours a day, worldwide
    • Safely complete your online purchases at participating merchants with Visa Secure and Click to Pay
    Interest rates and fees
    Annual fees: $65
    Additional cards: Free

    Interest rate on purchases: 19.99%
    Interest rate on balance transfers, cash advances and Visa cheques: 21.99%
    Processing fees for balance transfers and Visa cheques: 2% of the transferred amount
    Credit card's documentation
    Apply now

    * Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.


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