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Assur-PaymentTM” in the left-hand menu, or call us at
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book an appointment with your advisor for personalized advice.

Assur-PaymentTM combines insurance1, advice and health and wellness assistance services to support you and your loved ones in the event of the unexpected. Offered as an optional Laurentian Bank Visa* card benefit, Assur-PaymentTM provides the support to help you in your daily life and when you need it most.

Coverage that offers peace of mind

  • Life, death and accidental dismemberment, disability and job loss insurance to protect you.
  • Coverage of your minimum monthly Visa card payment if you lose your job or become disabled.2
  • Settlement of your Visa card balance in the event of death or accidental dismemberment.1
  • No monthly fee if there is no Visa balance: the monthly premium is calculated based on the Visa card balance.
  • No medical exam required to enroll.

Assistance services3 focused on your health and well-being

  • Legal advice to assist you through legal issues.
  • Psychological support for fully confidential listening and advice.
  • Support to help overcome difficult situations, with grief and loss assistance following the loss of a loved one, a layoff or the end of a relationship.
  • Personal budgeting advice to identify, evaluate and adhere to your budget or find solutions for your financial concerns.

Nutritional coaching – Limited time offer

Eating is one of life’s great pleasures, but it can be quite a challenge at the same time. It can become an issue if we aren’t careful. For a limited time, Laurentian Bank Visa* cardholders who enroll in the
Assur-PaymentTM program get Nutritional Coaching for one year4 at no additional cost, giving you access to a registered dietician who can help you:

  • Develop a dietary plan that works for you
  • Maintain a healthy weight by changing your eating habits
  • Boost your energy and make you feel better

The Nutritional Coaching Program can be provided over the phone, through video or online, and are fully confidential.

Assur-PaymentTM is suited for you if:

  • You seek peace of mind at all times.
  • You want to improve your health.
  • You don’t want to dip into your savings or those of your beneficiaries to pay off your credit card balance in the event of disability or death.
  • You want to make life simple for those in charge of your estate and avoid the bother of an unpaid credit card balance.

Your enrollment in the Assur-PaymentTM program takes effect on the enrollment date or the date on the card carrier, whichever comes later. A fee of $0.97 per $100 of the monthly balance used applies and is processed automatically. For example, if on your monthly statement you have a balance of $1,000, a premium of $9.70 will be charged.

Eligibility and maximum coverage

To be eligible for Assur-PaymentTM, you must be:

  • Aged 18 to 64 inclusively
  • A Canadian resident
  • The holder or joint holder of a Laurentian Bank Visa card

Maximum coverage:

  • Maximum insured amount: $15,000
  • Maximum monthly benefit: $750


Legal notice

TM Trademark of Laurentian Bank of Canada.

*Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.

1. Some terms and conditions apply. Assur-PaymentTM protection for Laurentian Bank Visa cards is issued by the Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services inc. To be eligible, you must be aged 18 to 64 inclusively at the date of application, live in Canada and hold a Visa account open and in good standing.
The monthly fee of $0.97 per $100 of the monthly balance used applies. Subject to change. For more details, refer to the summary of the insurance product and the insurance certificate, available, as the case may be, either at a branch or online at

2. Some terms and conditions apply. Details in the summary of the insurance product and the insurance certificate. A waiting period is applicable before benefit payments start: a) in the event of disability, 30 consecutive days for an insured who worked at least 20 hours of paid work in each of the four weeks preceding the beginning of the disability, and 90 consecutive days for successive periods of disability; b) in the event of loss of employment, 30 consecutive days following job loss.

3. Offered by Homewood Health Inc.

4.Some conditions apply. This limited-time offer is subject to change without notice. The offer applies only to the credit cardholder for any new enrollment to the Assur-PaymentTM protection between January 1 and April 30, 2022. The cardholder will be automatically enrolled at no extra cost in the nutritional coaching program offered by Homewood Health Inc. for one (1) year while enrolled in the Assur-PaymentTM protection. The protection will take effect on the date of enrollment or the date on the card carrier, whichever comes later. Subject to Assur-PaymentTM eligibility approval by the insurer. Please review the terms and conditions applicable to the Assur-PaymentTM protection on the summary of the insurance product and the insurance certificate available, as the case may be, either at a branch or online at


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