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The Day By Day Interest Plus US Account

You frequently travel to the United States and you need US funds to be readily available to use for day-to-day transactions such as withdrawals, transfers, cheques, and bill payments… You also want a flexible banking account that will let you accumulate interest, then you should definitely read below!



The Day by Day Interest Plus US $ is a multipurpose account with a progressive interest rate that allows you to simplify your US financial management. It offers you the flexibility of a chequing account while being economical. In fact, you won’t pay any administration fees for your usual transactions if you maintain the minimal monthly balance required. Nothing beats this account for your south of the border transactions!


  • Rates in force1
  • All benefits and administration fees are in US dollars.
  • The account is not accessible by ABM or LBCDirect Services.
  • This type of account pays a progressive annual interest according to the rate tiers found below. The interest is calculated on the daily minimum balance and is paid monthly.
  • Transaction fees of US $0.852 are charged for cheques.
  • Transaction fees of US $0.602 per pre-authorized debit.
  • The monthly account maintenance fees will be of US $2.002 with a paper bank statement3.
  • A monthly minimal balance of $3,000 will save you the transaction and the account maintenance fees.


This bank account is suited for you if:

  • You make your transactions in US dollars;
  • You are looking for a way to ease you financial management with a single account allowing you to both accumulate interests and settle your US banking transactions;
  • You are a conservative saver.

This bank account is not suited for you if:

  • You only use US funds sporadically.





Legal notice

1. Interest rate applicable on the portion of the balance exceeding the lower limit of the bracket. The Bank reserves the right to change interest rates and rate tiers without prior notice.
2. Fee schedule in force as of March 1, 2021. For further information about this service and banking fees, please refer to the My Money fee schedule guide.
3. You will receive a bank statement only when you conduct more than five transactions since the last statement was printed. Applicable account maintenance fees will continue to be charged to your account.

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