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The Gold Service

It’s the ultimate banking solution! Make an unlimited number of transactions for a monthly fee of $29.001  no matter how complex your banking needs may be. You can choose from a variety of access modes for to carry out your transactions: Laurentian Bank ABMs, LBCDirect (telephone or internet), INTERAC® Direct Payment, in-branch service…  

On top of saving you money, the Gold Service plan includes a score of privileges on a vast array of banking services tailored to your financial profile. Make the most of extra advantages for your personal finances, investments and various commodities.


Below is an example of the savings you can make with the Gold Service plan instead of paying as you go:

8 withdrawals at Laurentian Bank ABMs $8.00
5 transfers at AMB or through LBCDirect $5.00
4 withdrawals at ABMs part of the INTERAC network $6.00
25 INTERAC Direct Payment transactions3 $25.00
4 bill payments at ABMs or LBCDirect $8.00
5 pre-approved debits $5.00
7 cheques $8.75
2 stop payments per year (cost distributed monthly) $2.17
One order of personalized cheques (cost distributed monthly) $2.91
The Super Statement (monthly statement) $2.50
Visa* EXPLORE credit card and additional card $9.16
Monthly total with no banking plan $82.49
Fixed monthly rate with the Gold Service plan $29.00
Monthly savings $53.49
Annual savings $641.88
Total number of transactions carried out 60


Monthly fee $29.001
Transactions included Unlimited number of transactions among the following:
  • In-branch withdrawals2, transfers and bill payments;
  • withdrawals, transfers and bill payments at Laurentian Bank AMBs;
  • transfers and bill payments with LBCDirect (telephone or Internet);
  • Interac® e-Transfer
  • pre-approved debits;
  • cheques.
Free use of ABMs part of the INTERAC or PLUS3 (international) networks Unlimited
Account maintenance4 Paper bank statement: free
Electronic bank statement via epostTM: free
Complementary benefits
  • free payment of bills at the branch;
  • Visa* EXPLORE card with no annual fees (including a card for your spouse);
  • overdraft protection5 with no monthly user fee;
  • personal line of credit (minimum of $1,500) with no transaction fees (excluding interests);
  • the Super Statement, free monthly statement;
  • free personalized cheques6;
  • official, certified and bank drafts (CDN$ or US$) at no extra cost;
  • 1% rebate on the fixed or variable interest rate for a personal loan;
  • Free stop payments;
  • $150 rebate on mortgage transfer fee to the Laurentian Bank;
  • RRSP with no annual management fees7.
Feature The Student Advantage and the 60 + Advantage offer a discount on this Banking Plan. If you are eligible, you could save even more!


This plan is suited for you if:

  • You have a very active transaction profile (more than 45 transactions monthly);
  • You hold a considerable number of financial assets.

This plan is not suited for you if:

  • You carry out 45 transactions per month or less;
  • You don’t use complementary banking services (line of credit, credit card, RRSP, personal loan).



Investment accounts are offered by LBC or LBCFS. LBCFS is a wholly owned subsidiary of LBC and a separate legal entity from LBC, B2B Trustco and any other deposit product issuers or mutual fund companies whose products it distributes. Every LBC advisor is also a licensed LBCFS mutual fund representative. LBCFS’s liability is limited to the conduct of its representatives in the performance of their duties for LBCFS.

* Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

Legal notice

1. Regular fees apply to transactions over and above the number of transactions afforded by the banking plan. Fee schedule in force as of November 1, 2016. For further information about this service and banking fees, please refer to the “My Money” fee schedule guide.
2. A withdrawal or bill payment taken from a cheque being deposited at the branch is considered a withdrawal at the branch.
3. Some ABM operators and merchants may charge for the use of the terminal. These fees are not Laurentian Bank service fees.
4. You will receive a bank statement only when you conduct more than five transactions per month. Applicable account maintenance fees will continue to be charged to your account.
5. Subject to credit approval. Interest charges apply.
6. Securitone Model (100 simples/duplicates).
7. Conditions apply. Value of $30.
epostTM is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation

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