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Unlimited Account

This hassle-free banking plan translates into big savings for people with active banking needs. Make an unlimited number of transactions for as little as $14.751 per month.


Below is an example of the savings you can make with the Unlimited Account instead of paying as you go:

5 withdrawals at Laurentian Bank ABMs $5.00
4 transfers at ABM or through LBCDirect $4.00
20 Interac® Direct Payment transactions $25.00
5 bill payments at ABMs or LBCDirect $10.00
4 pre-approved debits $4.00
3 cheques $3.75
The Super Statement (monthly statement) $2.50
Monthly total with no banking plan $54.25
Fixed monthly rate with the Unlimited Account $14.75
Monthly savings $39.50
Annual savings $474.00
Total number of transactions carried out : 41
Monthly fee $14.751
Transactions included Unlimited number of transactions of the following:
  • Withdrawals, transfers and bill payments at Laurentian Bank AMBs
  • Transfers and bill payments with LBCDirect (telephone or Internet) or with the mobile app
  • Interac2 Direct Payment transactions
Account maintenance3 Paper bank statement: $3.00/month
Electronic bank statement via epostTM: free
Additional benefit

Free monthly Super Statement.

Feature The Student Advantage and the 60 + Advantage offer a discount on this banking plan. If you are eligible, you could save even more!


This plan is suited to you if:

  • You make a large number of transactions monthly
  • You don't want to worry about how many transactions you make

This plan is not suited to you if:

  • You make relatively few transactions monthly




Transfer your banking operations to Laurentian Bank and let us manage your finances. We will see to your banking needs immediately.

Legal notice

1. Fee schedule in force as of March 1, 2021. For further information about this service and banking fees, please refer to the My Money fee schedule guide.
2. Some ABM operators and merchants may charge for the use of the terminal. These fees are not Laurentian Bank service fees.
3. You will receive a bank statement only when you conduct more than five transactions since the last statement was printed. Applicable account maintenance fees will continue to be charged to your account.
epostTMis a trademark of Canada Post Corporation.

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