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Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
Type Detail Annual (%) Maturity (%)
Current rates1 90 to 179 days 0.30
180 to 269 days 0.40
270 to 361 days 0.40
1 year (362 to 729 days) 1.00
2 years (730 to 1,079 days) 1.10
3 years (1,080 to 1,444 days) 1.15
4 years (1,445 to 1,809 days) 1.20
5 years (1,810 to 2,539 days) 1.50
Special rates2 1 year (362 to 729 days) 1.40
2 years (730 to 1,079 days) 1.60
3 years (1,080 to 1,444 days) 1.70
5 years (1,810 to 2,539 days) 2.00

1 - Some conditions apply. Not cashable.
2 - Some conditions apply. This offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time, without notice. This offer may not be combined with any other offer or promotion, or any other advantage for the same type of investment (product). GICs are not cashable. Simple interest is paid on terms of less than two years. Clients have a choice of simple or compound interest on terms of two years or more. Simple interest is calculated and paid annually. Compound interest is calculated and capitalized annually, and paid at maturity. Further information, including the terms and conditions of the promotional offer, is available by calling 1-844-494-0076 or at

Certain conditions apply. The rates mentioned on this site can be modified at all times and without prior notice by Laurentian Bank.