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Mortgage Rates (1 to 5 units)
Fixed rate mortgage Term Rates
Open 6 months 6.700
1 year 6.300
Convertible 6 months 5.400
Closed 6 months 4.400
1 year 3.140
18 months 3.140
2 years 3.140
3 years 3.500
4 years 4.390
5 years 4.890
Promotional rate - 5 years 3.490
6 years 5.950
7 years 5.950
8 years 6.550
9 years 6.550
10 years 6.550

Rate guaranteed 90 days for all fixed-rate mortgages for one to five units.

Subject to credit approval. Certain conditions apply.


Type Detail Term Cashback (%)
Fixed rate mortgage with cashback1 Cashback mortgage of 5% applicable to closed fixed-rate five years term 5 years 5.000

1. This offer applies to new mortgage requests and renewal and is subject to change without notice. Certain conditions apply. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is subject to credit approval  by Laurentian Bank. Cashback is calculated according to the amount borrowed and used. Maximum cashback is $25,000.


Home equity line of credit
Minimum rate (%)
Home equity line of credit2 3.500

2. Rate based on the Laurentian Bank line of credit base rate. The allocated interest rate depends on the financial situation of each individual client. Variable rate can be modified without notice.


Mortgage offers (1 to 5 units)
Type Detail Term Rate (%)
Variable rate mortgage3 Prime rate
Can be converted to a fixed-rate closed mortgage anytime. Fixed or variable payments
3 years 3.000
Variable rate mortgage3 Prime rate.
Can be converted to a fixed-rate closed mortgage anytime. Fixed or variable payments
5 years 3.000

3.  The annual percentage rate (APR) assumes a prime rate of 3.00% + 0 basis point (prime rate in effect on September 9, 2010) applicable for the duration of the loan. The applicable interest rate shall fluctuate with Laurentian Bank’s prime rate for the duration of the loan. These offers are available to owner-occupants only. Subject to change without notice. Some conditions apply.