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Security and Privacy

As a Laurentian Bank Financial Group* entity, the Laurentian Bank of Canada is fully committed to keeping your personal information secure and confidential.

For your Security

Our commitment to maintain a high level of security doesn't mean you don't have to take necessary precautions when you are making banking transactions online. Even in a safe environment:

Make sure you never disclose your password: to access the section containing information on your account, you must use a password. We ask you to modify it regularly and to keep it confidential. You should not choose a password that may be easy for others to discover such as date of birth, telephone number or address, and we suggest that you memorize it.

Make sure you always terminate your online session before stepping away from your computer.

Clear your browser's cache memory or history to avoid the inadvertent disclosure of your preceding activities to other parties. The procedure used to clear your cache memory varies with the navigation tool, please refer to your navigator for more information.

When you enter sections containing personal information on your account, your browser's security icon should appear. It will be, depending on the type of browser, a key or a small closed padlock. This icon indicates that your session is secured. A broken key or an opened padlock indicates that your session is not secure. Remember: a message sent without a security seal means it could be accessed by an unauthorized individual or organization.

Consult the Glossary of online security.

Security of Transactions

Laurentian Bank adheres to the principles adopted by the Canadian Bankers Association with respect to the protection of personal information. In addition, it uses the most secure encryption techniques presently available to ensure the confidential nature of the information it exchanges with you. However, complete confidentiality in the transmission of data is not always possible over the Internet and privacy cannot be ensured. The Laurentian Bank will not be responsible for any damages you may suffer if you transmit confidential or sensitive information to us and that information subsequently becomes public through no fault of ours.

Information Confidentiality

Your personal and financial information must be handled with the utmost discretion.

Our privacy statement tells you how we protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information and applies to all our dealings with you. It also explains how we collect personal information, what we do to keep this information secure and how we use it to serve you. We want you to know that you have choices about how your personal information is used and shared. The privacy statement further explains how you can contact us if you have a question about or want to make a change to any personal information collected about you. We encourage you to download and read the full version of the “Laurentian Bank Financial Group Privacy Statement” or our “Questions of Privacy” brochure, which summarizes its key points.

Confidentiality of Personal Information Collected Online

In order to better serve you, we may collect some personal information about you—for example, when you use our online services or browse our website. For more information about our collection methods and how your personal information is used, please refer to section 13 of the “Laurentian Bank Financial Group Privacy Statement.”

Customer satisfaction

Because customer satisfaction is a priority for Laurentian Bank, specific mechanisms have been put in place to receive your comments on our policies and service quality and to be ready to respond promptly when there is a problem that requires us to take corrective action.

For more information, consult our “Achieving Customer Satisfaction” brochure.



* Laurentian Bank Financial Group (LBCFG) is a diversified financial services provider whose mission is to help customers improve their financial health. The Laurentian Bank of Canada and its entities are collectively referred to as Laurentian Bank Financial Group.