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Our areas of expertise:

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communications sectors are responsible for the strategic orientations of the Bank’s brand — both from a business and public image standpoint. Constantly evolving, these sectors are actively involved in brand management, product development, research and market intelligence, as well as in managing the Bank’s presence and activities in the communities in which it operates.

Within the context of a highly competitive and demanding environment, the challenges are formidable and the need to adapt quickly is primordial. The employees of these sectors are dynamic, creative and always on the move.

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Human Resources

The Human Resources sector plays a strategic role at the Bank. The varied expertise of its teams enables it to be a valuable business partner to managers and to offer quality service to all employees.

The group is composed of five major teams:

  • HR Advisors
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Labour Relations
  • Organizational Training and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits

If you are someone who embodies dedication, empathy and diplomacy, come join a group that is 100% attentive.

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Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs sector is made up of professionals who support the Bank in various legal, compliance and regulatory aspects. Whether it be through the preparation of contracts, providing expert advice on regulatory matters, or offering other forms of counsel on legal questions, this team plays a key role within the organization.

If you have a knack for translating complex notions into easy to understand terms and you are analytical by nature, there is a place for you within our Legal Affairs team.

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Corporate Security and Fraud Prevention

This group is responsible for managing overall security at the Bank. It also monitors and analyzes all of the organization’s activities so as to prevent and detect potential cases of fraud.

If you are a rigorous, attentive and determined individual, we invite you to help support our security efforts at the Bank.

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