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Flexible financing for lasting memories.

A Laurentian Bank personal line of credit gives you flexible financing options that you can use for funding a passion project, managing unexpected expenses, or making that dream vacation a reality.

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The benefits.

Low interest rate.

Get a lower interest rate with a personal line of credit than you would with a credit card.

Access funds instantly.

When you transfer funds from your personal line of credit to another account, your money is available right away.

Flexible payment options.

Pay as little as the minimum balance or any extra amount to pay it down.

Convenient online access.

View and manage your personal line of credit anytime online through LCBDirect.

One-time approval.

Pay down the balance and borrow again up to your credit limit without having to reapply.

Consolidate debt.

Pay off higher interest debt with your low-rate personal line of credit for one easy payment.

The details.1

Minimum amount.


Variable interest rate.

  • Highly competitive variable interest rate.

  • The rate fluctuates based on the Laurentian Bank line of credit base rate.

  • Interest applies only to the funds used.

Easy access to funds.

Access your funds any time:

  • by cheque

  • at an ATM

  • online through LBCDirect

Simple repayments.

Flexible repayment options. To discuss the options, talk to an advisor.

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Financial protection that’s within reach.

Peace of mind comes easier when you have insurance for your personal line of credit.2
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Helpful tips and resources.

Your questions answered.

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Make it a dream come true.

Turn your dreams into reality with a Laurentian Bank personal loan. It has flexible interest rates and terms to help make it happen.

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