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Keep your retirement on track.

If inflation is impacting your finances, including your RRSP contributions, consider an RRSP line of credit. You can use it to borrow funds to make regular contributions so your RRSP reaches its full potential.1

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Why use an RRSP line of credit?

It’s simple: always have access to funds when it’s time to contribute to your RRSP, without having to apply for a new loan every year. Just make sure you don’t exceed your contribution limit.

How it works.

Start with $1,500.

  • Minimum amount: $1,500.

  • Maximum amount: RRSP contribution limit set by the government every year.

Variable interest rate.

  • The rate changes according to the Laurentian Bank line of credit base rate.

  • Interest applies only to the funds used.

Access to funds.

By contacting your advisor. You can only access these funds to make an RRSP contribution.

Easy repayments.

Flexible repayment options. To discuss the options, talk to an advisor.

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Financial protection that’s within reach.

Peace of mind comes easier when you have insurance for your RRSP line of credit.
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Helpful tips and resources.

Your questions answered.

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Reach new heights and retire confidently.

When you’re short on cash for your RRSP contribution, an RRSP loan might be the perfect solution. Go from no contribution to maximum contribution.

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