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Day By Day Interest Plus US Account.

An account for the frequent traveler to the United States. Get US funds for withdrawals1, transfers, cheques and bill payments. Plus, earn interest on your cash balance.

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Key features.

Save more, earn more.

Thanks to a progressive interest rate2, the more money you have in your account, the higher the interest rate you earn.

Everything’s in USD.

Whether it’s earning interest or covering administration fees, all transactions are in US dollars.

An account with flexibility.

  • The power to earn.

    Earn interest for the cash in your account. Simple interest is calculated on the daily minimum balance and paid monthly.2

  • Spend and save.

    Offers you the flexibility of a chequing account with minimal fees.

  • Less fees, please.

    Maintain a monthly minimum balance of 3,000 USD3 to save on transaction and account maintenance fees.

Pay-per-use features.

Transaction and account maintenance fees are free when you maintain a minimum 3,000 USD3 monthly balance.


Fee in USD4

Paper statement5




ATM or LBCDirect services6

Not available

Pre-authorized payment




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