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When buying a home, you’re looking for a mortgage with competitive interest rates. With a Laurentian Bank variable-rate mortgage, the interest rate moves with the market. This gives you an opportunity to benefit from a potential rate decrease and can help you save on your dream home.

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The benefits.


Choose from 3 or 5 year closed.

Payment frequency.

Set up your payments for monthly, month-end, biweekly or weekly.


Switch to a fixed-rate closed term that’s the same or more than your remaining mortgage term at any time.


  • Our offer.

    The interest rate of the 3- and 5-year term mortgage moves during the term, based on Laurentian Bank's prime rate.

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  • Variable payments.

    Variable payments let you make the most of a moving market. They keep your mortgage payments as low as possible, all based on the fluctuating prime rate.

  • Prepayment options.

    • Any prepayments you make are directly applied to the principal, lowering your overall costs.

    • Make additional payments2 to repay up to 15% of the original loan amount once a year.

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