Privacy and security.

At Laurentian Bank,1 we’re fully committed to keeping your personal information secure and confidential.

Privacy and information confidentiality.

Your personal and financial information must be handled with the utmost discretion. At Laurentian Bank, we respect your privacy and are dedicated to protecting any personal information you share with us. Your personal information is information that identifies you or can be used to identify you, alone or in combination with other information. This may include, for example, your name, address, government issued identification numbers, financial account numbers, credit and payment history, income, age and gender. When we collect personal information about you, we explain why we do so. The main reason why we collect your personal information is to serve you as our client. We collect personal information about you only when you voluntarily provide it, authorize us to collect it from a third party, or as permitted or required by law. We want you to know you have choices about how your personal information is collected, used and shared. You can refuse to provide or withdraw your consent at any time with reasonable notice.

Our privacy statement.

Our privacy statement tells you how we protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information. It applies to all our dealings with you and to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information through all Laurentian Bank Canadian platforms. The privacy statement further explains how you can contact us if you have a question about how we manage personal information or want to make a change to any personal information collected about you. We encourage you to download and read the full version of the Laurentian Bank Privacy Statement (PDF, 69 KB). You can also read our brochure, Protecting Your Personal Information (PDF, 52 KB).

For Laurentian Bank credit cardholders, refer to the Privacy Agreement (PDF, 178 KB).

For Laurentian Bank customers who opened a chequing account or High Interest Savings Account (HISA) online, refer to the Privacy Agreement (PDF, 267 KB).

Confidentiality of personal information collected online.

When you browse our websites or access our online services, we or our partners may use automated technologies, such as cookies, to collect information about your interaction to better serve you. For more information about how we collect and use your personal information, refer to the Laurentian Bank Privacy Statement (PDF, 69 KB).

Safeguarding your information.

Laurentian Bank adheres to the principles in applicable privacy regulations and laws regarding the protection of personal information. In addition to maintaining a high level of security, we use secure encryption techniques presently available to ensure that you can interact with us safely and confidently.

For your security.

While we make every effort to secure your personal information and maintain a high level of security, there are various precautions you can take when banking online to further protect yourself:

  • Never share your password. To access your account information, you must use a password. Change it regularly and to keep it confidential. Avoid choosing a password that may be easy for others to discover, like date of birth, telephone number or address. We suggest that you memorize it.

  • Always remember to log out of your online session before leaving your computer.

  • Clear your browser's cache or history to prevent unintentional disclosure of your previous activities. The method for clearing cache memory may vary depending on your web browser.

  • When you enter sections on your account containing personal information, your browser's security icon should appear. Depending on your browser, it will be a small key or closed padlock. This icon shows that your session is secured. A broken key or an opened padlock shows that your session is not secure. A message sent without a security seal means it could be accessed by an unauthorized individual or organization.

View a glossary of online security terms.

Contacting us.

For any questions or concerns about your personal information, including to withdraw your consent, access or correct your personal information, contact our Chief Privacy Officer at:

Chief Privacy Officer Laurentian Bank Financial Group 1360 René-Lévesque Boulevard W. Suite 600 Montreal QC H3G 0E5


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Glossary of online security terms.

Common security terms.