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2010 Annual Report

This section contains the most recent annual report of Laurentian Bank along with the annual reports of previous years. You will also find the annual information forms and the management proxy circulars .

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2010 Annual Report  - Virtual Paper Version

2010 Annual Report

Complete Report (5250 Kb)

Section 1: Profile, Financial highlights, Review of activities, Message from the President and Chief Executive Officer, Message from de the Chairman of the Board, A few noteworthy events 2009-2010 (1887 Kb)

Section 2: Management’s Discussion and Analysis (2633 Kb)

Section 3: Consolidated financial statements, Statistical review, Quarterly highlights (390 Kb)

Section 4: Corporate Governance, Board of Directors, Management Committee, Planning Committee, Branches, Offices and subsidiaries and Shareholders information (495 Kb)

decorative Stock summary for Laurentian Bank This link provides access to most public securities documents and information filed by issuers with the thirteen provincial and territorial securities regulatory authorities (