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Are you looking for top-quality cash flow management solutions for your business? Invest your trust in our experts! We can put our knowledge and expertise to work for you with optimal financial planning and custom investments that will help you wisely choose from our full range of products.

Fixed-rate investments

This type of investment fully-guarantees your capital while offering very competitive returns! In a nutshell, you are sure to recuperate your initial investment once it comes to maturity. In addition, you can quantify the return on investment because the interest rate is established from the outset. It’s the answer to the more conservative portion of your portfolio! Click on the options below to learn more about their unique features:

Short-term investment solutions

  • Treasury bills: Government treasury bills are a safe investment that provides a better return than short-term GICs. It is a great way to diversify your portfolio.
  • Banker’s acceptance: It offers a higher security level – that of the issuing bank – and pays a higher return than a bond.
  • Commercial paper: Commercial paper depends on a company’s commitment to pay to its general credit rating. The return is higher than that of bonds and banker’s acceptances.

Long-term investment solutions

  • Bonds – primary and secondary market: Bonds are a very secure debt instrument issued by governments. The return is guaranteed and higher than GICs with the same maturity.
  • Stripped coupons and residuals: A stripped coupon is an interest coupon that has been stripped from a bond and sold separately on the secondary market. The residual bond is what is left of the bond after the coupons have been detached.

For sound investment advice, an optimal financial plan or tailored investments, turn to the knowledge and high level of expertise of our specialists.