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Financing Solutions

Buying equipment, launching a new line of products, expanding your floor space… These are all worthwhile projects that require a thick wallet! But it takes money to make money. At Laurentian Bank, we’ve learned that lesson too. That’s why we’ve designed a wide range of financing solutions. We’re sure that we have one for you.

Short-term financing

  • Line of credit: To finance your accounts receivable, inventory or various operating expenses.
  • Evergreen financing: This pre-authorized revolving credit is designed for your recurring capital investments. Once a year, the amount drawn upon during the year is converted into a term loan to support additional capital acquisitions.
  • Revolving credit for long-term assets: This is a pre-authorized revolving credit for financing the company’s current and future long-term assets based on a pre-determined percentage of its net book value. There are no capital payments, which maximizes cash flow when the company is growing and improves its financial profile.
  • Bank acceptance financing: This low-cost financing solution is an excellent substitute to traditional short-term loans.

Long-term financing

  • Term loan: Ideal when you want to finance your expansion, acquisition or modernization projects. You can also request a term loan to refinance an existing debt.
  • Small business loan: Big money for small business! Receive up to $500,000 or 90% of your financed investment. With these funds, you can buy land, machinery and equipment or renovate your existing location.