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Interac e-Transer

What is INTERAC e-Transfer®?

Whether you’re sending a gift, making a payment or paying a bill, Laurentian Bank now offers INTERAC e-Transfer through LBCDirect Internet and mobile.

INTERAC e-Transfer is a fast, convenient and secure way to send money to anyone who has a bank account with a participating Canadian financial institution, and an email address or mobile phone number.

Please note that transfers must be in Canadian dollars.

Fast, low cost, and secure

INTERAC e-Transfer is safer than cash, lets you transfer funds at little cost, all without leaving the comfort of your home.  What’s more, sending a transfer takes just a few minutes:  you send the funds, the recipient receives an email notification or text message within 30 minutes, deposits the transfer, and that’s it!

All you need is access to online banking through Laurentian Bank, and you can send money to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number and a bank account in Canada.

No banking information about the recipient is needed to carry out the transaction. The transfer is received once the recipient answers a security question only they know the answer to.

Haven’t signed up for LBCDirect Internet yet?

It’s convenient and it’s free to enrol!

To register, call 514-252-1846, or toll-free at 1-800-252-1846.

Once you’ve signed up for LBCDirect Internet services, you can make your first INTERAC e-Transfer. Laurentian Bank customers can receive INTERAC e-Transfers at no cost. There is a $1 fee1 for sending an INTERAC e-Transfer, and withdrawal fees may also apply depending on what type of account, banking package or program you have. Please see the “My Money” (individuals) or “My Transaction Tools” (businesses) sections for more details.

Main features

Maximum amount of transfers

Maximum daily amount of C$10,000, with a ceiling of $3,000 per transaction.

INTERAC transfer limits at Laurentian Bank

$3,000 per transaction
$10,000 per 7-day period
$20,000 per 30-day period


There is a $1 fee (excluding withdrawal fees) for sending an INTERAC e-Transfer.

There are no fees for receiving a transfer.

Participating financial institutions

How does it work?

To send money to a recipient, you must be registered with LBCDirect Internet.
All you need to send an INTERAC e-Transfer is the recipient’s email address or mobile phone. This information will be used to notify the recipient via email or text message that the funds can be deposited in their bank account. To receive the transfer, the recipient must answer a security question that you have entered. You must provide this information to the recipient.

Upon confirmation that the deposit has been made, you will receive an email or text message notification2.

After logging on to LBCDirect, follow these instructions to send an INTERAC e-Transfer.

1. Create your profile

In the “Transfers” section, choose the “Send INTERAC e-Transfer” tab, and then create your sender profile. You must provide an email address in order to create your profile. You’re now ready to send your first INTERAC e-Transfer.


2. Add a recipient

Choose the “Send INTERAC e-Transfers” tab, followed by the “My recipients” tab. Enter the recipient’s name, and email address or mobile phone number3. A security question and answer have to be entered. The recipient of the transfer will have to answer this question in order to deposit your INTERAC e-Transfer, so you must provide them with this information.


3. Transfer the funds

Choose the “INTERAC transfers” tab, followed by the “Transfer the funds” tab. Fill out all the fields on the form and follow the instructions to send an INTERAC e-Transfer. The recipient will receive a transfer notification. This notification confirms that the funds can be deposited to their account.



Contact our customer service team at 1-800-252-1846 or get the answers you seek by visiting our FAQ.  


®INTERAC e-Transfer is a registered trade-mark of INTERAC Inc. Used under license.

Legal notice

1. INTERAC fees of $1 are not refundable. If you have a plan and do not exceed the number of monthly transactions allowed or if you keep a minimum monthly balance of $3,000 or more, no additional fee will apply. No fees apply if you are the transfer recipient.
2. Funds that are not deposited by recipients within 30 days will be returned to you.
3. Recipients must be a member of a participating financial institution and have secure online access to their accounts on that financial institution's website.