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Full-service brokerage

To help you achieve your objectives, your LBS advisor, a full-service broker, has a full range of domestic and international investments at his or her disposal. This diversity allows your advisor to choose the instruments that are right for you, optimizing your return on investment while minimizing your risk.

LBS offers an extensive range of products and services that your investment advisor can incorporate in your overall financial management strategy:

  • Company stocks dealt on Canadian and United-States exchanges
    • Common shares
    • Preferred shares
  • Trust Units
  • Fixed-income securities
    •  Government bonds
    • Savings bonds
    • Strip bonds
    • Municipal bonds
    • Guaranteed investment certificates
  • Mutual funds
    • Bond funds
    • Dividend funds
    • Equity funds
    • Balanced funds
    • Specialized funds
    • International funds
  • Tax, estate and retirement planning
    • Value Plus RRSP
    • Self-directed RRSP
    • RRI
  • Other types of accounts
    • RESP, QSSP
    • The Advisor

With investment experts, personalized service and a full range of products and services, LBS is an asset you can rely on.

Blue-chip value

A wholly owned subsidiary of Laurentian Bank, LBS is a full-service broker. LBS has been serving a large number of Canadian institutions for many years, with a particular focus on the analysis and trading of fixed-income securities. LBS has also been increasing its presence in the Canadian investment industry by making its expertise available to individual investors.

A strong team

LBS’ growing reputation is due to its team of investment advisors. Backed by an integrated team of expert specialists, our advisors are committed to give you relevant and personalized advice that will guide you in all your investment decisions.

Your financial plan has three dimensions:

  • investment planning, focused on providing for a retirement that matches your aspirations;
  • tax planning;
  • estate planning.

Financial planning with the big picture in mind

When you consult an LBS investment professional, you draw on the resources of a multidisciplinary team trained to help you develop a long-term investment program within a comprehensive approach to financial management. Its members are financial professionals with varied and in-depth expertise, ranging from stock trading and asset protection to financial management and tax planning.

You will sit down with your advisor and take stock of your financial position, set your financial objectives, determine your income requirements and identify your tolerance for risk.

Want to find out more about LBS?

Go to or speak to one of our LBS investment  advisors at 514-350-2800 in the Montreal area or 1-888-350-8577 elsewhere in Canada for a referral to the location nearest you.

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