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Advising you with every step.

We understand that your banking needs change at every stage of life. That’s why we provide information on products and services tailored to you, plus how-to videos, useful links and more.

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Daily banking products.


The 65+ Plan

When your age goes up, fees should go down. If you’re 65 years and up, get a free banking plan when you make 4 transactions per month.


Preferred account 60+ Advantage

If you make up to 20 transactions per month and are looking for a cost-efficient plan, this product is right for you.


Unlimited account 60+ Advantage

Get an unlimited number of monthly banking transactions, including Interac e-Transfer® transactions.

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Bank from home with LBCDirect.

Manage your accounts and make your daily banking transactions anywhere with LBCDirect.

How to use LBCDirect.


LBCDirect: Our Improved Online Banking Experience (2:10)


LBCDirect: Our Improved Online Banking Experience with Audio Description (4:10)

Mortgage products.


Retirement line of credit

If you’re a homeowner, your home is likely your greatest asset. If you’ve paid off most or all of your mortgage, consider tapping into your home’s market value to support your retirement plans.


Equity line of credit insurance

Life is full of surprises. With the Laurentian Bank equity line of credit insurance, rest assured that your family is covered when the unexpected happens.1

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Retire smart, retire happy.

When you turn 71, you have to convert your RRSPs. That’s when a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) can help you to make the most of your retirement. A RRIF gives you total control over your retirement funds and lets you withdraw them at any time.


Other accounts or products you might be interested in.

Your privacy.

Want to know how Laurentian Bank protects your privacy? Review our Privacy and security page.

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Seniors Code and report from the Seniors Champion.

We’re dedicated to our senior customers and uphold the Code of Conduct for the Delivery of Banking Services to Seniors.

Documents in alternate formats.

You can request your documents in an accessible format. If that’s not possible, we’ll provide an alternative support. Other than our regular charges, there will be no additional cost for this service.

File a complaint.

If you’re not satisfied with a Laurentian Bank product or service, we'd like to make it right. Find out how to file your complaint.