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Budget Tables

Grab a pen, a calculator, your pay stubs and your bills and start filling out our budget tables! Most importantly, keep them up to date!

A budget is obviously not carved in stone. It should evolve with your family life. It's there to help you stay in control.

Not big on paper? Use our calculator!

Further down, you will find a table to convert, as needed, all your figures into monthly figures.

Print out the following four tables to complete each budget item by hand.

Net Monthly Income
Our Net Monthly Income (after deductions at source) Family Budget
Investment income (interest, dividends, capital gains, etc.)  
Rental income (apartments, cottages, etc.)  
Various benefits (child support, insurance, disability, etc.)  
Tax credit  
Other income  
Total monthly income  


Fixed Monthly Expenses
Our Fixed Monthly Expenses (including taxes, if applicable) Family Expenses
Mortgage or rent  
Electricity and heating  
Home insurance  
Domestic services (housekeeping, lawn mowing, snow removal, etc.)  
Car loan  
Car insurance  
License and registration  
Student loan  
Life insurance  
Credit cards*  
Other loans  
Loan repayments other than bank loans (debts to a parent, friend, colleague, etc.)  
Regular savings  
Education savings  
Vacation savings  
Retirement savings  
Other fixed expenses  
Total fixed monthly expenses  

*Credit cards are an unusual fixed expense as the balance and monthly payments can vary greatly from one month to another. For the purposes of your budget exercise, enter your average monthly payment based on the past twelve months.

Variable Monthly Expenses
Our Variable Monthly Expenses (including taxes, if applicable) Family Expenses
Tobacco, alcohol and lottery tickets  
Cellular phone  
Sports and athletic equipment  
Entertainment (music, movies, books, theatre, etc.)  
Babysitting (for your nights out and other needs)  
Kids' allowances  
Diapers and baby products  
Beauty care (haircuts, manicures, etc.)  
Beauty products  
Dental care  
Medical care (exams, equipment, etc.)  
Medication (prescription and over-the-counter)  
Therapeutic care (massages, diets, physiotherapy, etc.)  
Property maintenance, repairs or renovations  
Public transportation and taxis  
Vehicle maintenance and repairs  
Veterinary expenses and pet products  
Gifts (birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc.)  
Other variable expenses  
Total variable monthly expenses  

Final Budget Calculation

Budget Calculation Summary
Description Amount

Net monthly income
Fixed monthly expenses
Variable monthly expenses

– $___________
– $___________
Total = $___________

So, are you in the red? No? Good for you! But before patting yourself on the back, have you looked to see if there was room for improvement? If so, don't hesitate to consult an advisor at one of our branches. He or she will be happy to get you back on the right track.

Converting My Income and Expenses into Monthly Amounts

Turn your income and expenses into monthly amounts using this handy conversion table.

Calculating Monthly Amounts
Amount Type to Convert Calculation
Weekly (e.g. a weekly mortgage payment) Multiply the amount by 4.333
Every two weeks (e.g. a payment made 26 times per year) Multiply the amount by 2.167
Semi-monthly (e.g. a salary paid on the 15th and at the end of the month) Multiply the amount by 2
Bi-monthly (e.g. an expense that recurs every two months) Divide the amount by 2
Tri-monthly (e.g. a tax instalment every three months) Divide the amount by 4
Semi-annually (e.g. an expense billed and settled every six months) Divide the amount by 6
Annually (e.g. a tax credit, a driver's license payment) Divide the amount by 12


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