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Get the best of both worlds.

It's about performance with peace of mind. Reap the rewards of market-linked returns with the comfort of knowing your principal is 100% guaranteed.

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Choose from our ActionGICs.

Canadian Sustainability ActionGIC

  • Invests in publicly traded Canadian companies with a focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives.
  • For investors seeking high returns and who want to be socially responsible.

Quebec Performance ActionGIC

  • Invests in publicly traded Quebec-based companies, including various sectors such as financial services, technology and consumer goods.
  • For investors who want to support the Quebec economy while earning a high return.

Blue Chip ActionGIC

  • Invests in large, publicly traded Canadian companies with a proven track record of strong growth.
  • For investors who want to invest in stable Canadian companies and are looking for high-return potential.

Get in on the action.

  • Potential for high returns.

    Your principal remains 100% guaranteed. Plus, you have the potential for higher returns than with a fixed-rate GIC.

  • One GIC, many companies.

    Diversification is strength. That’s why we’ve carefully selected a portfolio of publicly traded Canadian companies with a track record for strong returns.

  • CDIC coverage.

    Eligible for Canada Deposit Insurance Coverage (CDIC) for added protection.

Current offering.


3 years

Product name

Blue Chip

Minimum guaranteed return1


Maximum return1


4 years

Product name

Quebec Performance

Minimum guaranteed return1


Maximum return1


5 years

Product name

Blue Chip

Minimum guaranteed return1


Maximum return1


6 years

Product name

Canadian Sustainability

Minimum guaranteed return1


Maximum return1



  • Minimum investment amount: $500

  • Eligible for deposit insurance from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

Interest and tax2

  • Any minimum guaranteed return must be included annually in declared income.

  • Any interest paid above the minimum guarantee return must be included in declared income in the year of maturity.

Access to funds

  • Non-redeemable.3 The principal and interest, if applicable, will be paid at maturity.

Registered or non-registered? You decide.


  • Eligible for registered plans such as TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, LIRA and LIF.

  • Interest income earned in a registered plan is tax-sheltered.


  • Interest income earned in a non-registered account is taxable.

  • No contribution limits or age restrictions.

Select the plan type that meets your needs.

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