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Equity line of credit

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Like any other line of credit, it’s a financing tool with readily available funds that carries no interest when unused. It allows you to spend, hassle-free, on a special projector unexpected expenses. In addition, the equity line of credit is far more affordable that other types of financing such as personal loans. 


The equity line of credit is a flexible and low-cost financing tool. Whatever project you have in mind, the equity line of credit will put it within reach:

  • An economical financing tool : Your property gives you access to low-cost financing. The offered interest rate is therefore much lower than most other financing solutions. Interest savings will stack up in no time.
  • A flexible financing solution : The funds are readily available. Monthly repayments are low and very flexible: you can choose to repay interest only, a percentage of the balance or a fixed amount2. You can even make payments at any time penaltyfree. In addition, it carries a higher limit than regular lines of credit.
  • Peace of mind and convenience : Use the equity line of credit as needed to realize a special project or simply because you need the funds. You can make withdrawals in various ways, without constantly having to fill out forms (even to draw as much as $30,000!).
  • Access to funds : You can access funds easily and directly by personal cheque, at automatic banking machines, from the Telebanking service, via Internet banking and, of course, by meeting with a branch advisor. 

Line of credit amount Minimum $25,000 (new & limit increase)
Interest rate
  • Very attractive variable interest rate
  • Rate fluctuates according to the Laurentian Bank line of credit base rate1
  • Interest applies only to the funds used
Access to funds You have access to your funds at all times:
  • By cheque
  • Through LBCDirect services
  • At ABMs
Repayment terms Flexible repayment terms are available:
  • Interests only3
  • Percentage of your line of credit balance
  • Fixed payments2

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This mortgage product is suited to you if:

  • you need latitude and wish to obtain funds whenever you need them;
  • you want flexibility;
  • you want to repay interest only on the borrowed amount.

This mortgage product is not suited to you if:

  • you are not disciplined in your debt reimbursements;
  • you are not comfortable with interest rate fluctuations.


Legal notice

1. Certain conditions apply. Cannot be combined to any other offer.
2. The repayment must cover at least the accrued interest.
3. The payment must cover at least the accrued monthly interest. Minimum payment of $10 for each payment period.