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Financing Solutions

Credit can be used to satisfy all kinds of needs. The possibilities are endless and so is the cash, especially with us. We have what it takes to make your every dream and desire come true.

Short on funds? Talk to us about it! We have no less than nine types of financing solutions to choose from!

Want to know which solution is best for you? Consult our table or use our Financing Product Selector.

Our Financing Solutions
Solution1 Characteristics
Overdraft Protection
  • Covers temporary shortfalls in an account for contingencies such as upcoming payments (bills, INTERACTM, etc.), cheques and direct debits
  • Monthly fee of $5.002 automatically debited from your account only when the overdraft protection is used, plus applicable interest on the overdraft amount
Visa*3 cards Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite*
  • Top-performing points program (Double the points on gas, groceries, and travel purchases)
  • Versatile rewards program (cashback, trips, rewards)
  • Visa Infinite benefits (visit visainfinite.ca)
  • Complete insurance program
  • Assur-paymentTM card payment protection option available4.
  • $130 annual fee ($50 for an additional card)

  • Same points program as Visa Black Reward Me card but with the added bonus of being able to redeem points for luxury items and customized trips. Details available online at www.laurentianbank.ca/rewardzone
  • Numerous financial benefits
  • Complete insurance program
  • Annual fee of $110
Visa Dollars
  • Up to 3% cashback on your purchases
  • Purchase insurance and extended warranty included
  • Assur-paymentTM card payment protection option available4.
  • $65 annual fee
Visa Black
  • No annual fees
  • Numerous financial advantages and discounts thanks to Visa Perks
  • Assur-paymentTM card payment protection option available4.

Visa Black Reduced Rate
  • Reduced interest rate
  • Same features as Visa Black card, except for the fees
  • $30 annual fee

Visa Black Reward Me

  • Lets you accumulate points redeemable for gift cards at more than 80 major retailers
  • Same features as Visa Black card, except for the fees
  • Monthly fee of $3.50 applies. No monthly fee if you make more than $350 in net purchases during your billing period5
  • Purchase insurance and extended warranty included

Visa Black for students and Visa Black Reward Me for students

  • Same features as standard cards but with more flexible eligibility criteria
Car Loan
  • Useful financing method for the purchase of a new or used vehicle
  • Optional loan insurance available6.
Personal Loan
  • Practical financing method for specific projects
  • Choice of fixed or variable rate
  • Optional loan insurance available
Personal Line of Credit
  • Flexible, practical method of financing
  • Once approved, use your line of credit as you see fit7
  • All amounts paid back automatically become available credit
  • Three repayment methods: interest only, a percentage of the balance, or a fixed amount
  • Optional loan insurance available
Student Loan
  • As a partner of the Government of Quebec’s Loans and Bursaries Program, we can manage your student loan and deposit your money directly into your account
  • Optional loan insurance available
Student Line of Credit
  • Flexible financing offered from $1,500 to pay for tuition and other expenses related to your studies8
  • Only the interest must be paid back while you are studying—repayment of the capital begins only after studies are completed
  • Optional loan insurance available
RRSP Financing
  • Practical source of financing that lets you contribute to your RRSP to benefit from reduced taxes or even a tax refund
  • Choice of a loan or a line of credit
  • Optional loan insurance available
Homeowner's Kit
(Mortgage loans and/or Mortgage lines of credit)
  • All our mortgage products (mortgage line of credit, fixed rate and variable rate mortgage loans, etc.) under one roof
  • Versatile source of financing that can be modified along the way according to your needs
  • Once you get your Kit, you are free to use it any way you like up to its authorized limit
  • Gives you quick access to liquid assets to carry out your projects
  • Lower interest rate than most other Laurentian Bank financing products
  • Optional loan insurance available
  • Main eligibility requirement: you must have paid back at least 20% of the net value of your principal residence


My Options According to My Needs

Everybody wants to have choices, but wouldn’t you also like to know the best solution for a given situation or a certain type of purchase? Here’s another table to use as a quick reference. You can also use our Financing Product Selector.

The Best Solution (Part 1)
  Overdraft Protection Visa Card Car Loan Personal Loan Personal Line of Credit Homeowner's Kit
Credit to cover a temporary lack of liquid assets X X     X X
Day-to-day or relatively small purchases (less than $2,500)   X       X
Medium- to big-ticket purchases ($2,500 and more)   X   X X
Projects or renovations (less than $10,000)   X   X X X
Projects or renovations ($10,000 to $25,000)       X X X
Projects or renovations (more than $25,000)           X
Purchase of a vehicle     X   X X
Debt consolidation       X    X


The Best Solution (Part 2)
The Best Solution (Part 2)
  Visa Card Student Loan or Line of Credit RRSP Loan or Line of Credit Mortgage Loan Homeowner's Kit
Purchase of a principal or secondary residence       X X
Project or renovations (more than $25,000)       X  
Property refinancing       X X
Investment in an RRSP     X   X
Tuition and study-related expenses X X     X
Debt consolidation       X  

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* Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

Legal notice

1. All above-mentioned solutions subject to credit approval. For information on the rates in effect, contact your advisor or call 1-800-252-1846 (toll free).
2. Pricing in effect as of April 15, 2016. Subject to change.
3. For more information on Laurentian Bank Visa cards, including all information on credit rates, when interest goes into effect, the grace period or fees unrelated to interest, call 514-252-1846 (Montréal and surrounding area) or 1-800-252-1846 (toll free). Interest rates and fee schedule in effect as April 15, 2016. Subject to change.
4. Assur-paymentTM protection for the Laurentian Bank Visa card is underwritten by Industrial Alliance, a personal insurance company. $0.97 per $100 of balance used. Subject to change. Available to clients aged 18 to 64.
5. $200 in net purchases per billing cycle required to obtain reimbursement of the monthly fee. Cash advances, Visa cheques, fees (including monthly fees, non‑sufficient funds (NSF) cheque charges, etc.), balance transfers, and transactions at automated banking machines not deemed eligible purchases.
6. Subject to acceptance by the insurer, Industrial Alliance.
7. The usual account transaction fees apply.
8. Subject to credit approval. Co-signer's signature required. The usual account transaction fees apply.

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