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Visa Black

Notice: The Visa* Black is no longer available to new customers.

If you are an existing Visa Black cardholder, you can continue to benefit from its advantages.

What is the Visa Black Card?

It’s the Laurentian Bank’s classic credit card, which allows you to pay a little later for what you purchase today. A great payment tool! In fact, you’ll benefit from a 21-day payment deferment without interest, until the date shown on your statement.

These are its advantages:

Simplify your everyday life with a unique payment method
Centralize all your purchases and expenses on your credit card: grocery, pharmacy, gas station, etc., without the added fees you might incur with a debit card!

Use your statement the smart way
Think practical! Your account statement becomes an efficient management tool that allows you to keep close track of your purchases and expenses.

Rest easy

  • You are protected in the event of unauthorized use of your card or account information. With Visa’s Zero Liability1 policy, you have nothing to pay.
  • Easily access your funds with your credit card PIN.
  • Safely complete your online purchases at participating merchants with Visa Secure and Click to Pay.

Think practical!

  • 21-day interest-free payment deferment until the date shown on your statement
  • Possibility of access to virtual mail statement
  • Balances transfer to other credit cards possible
  • Cards accepted in over 150 countries
  • Cash advances available from 800,000 automatic teller machines and 400,000 financial institutions
  • Free additional cards
  • Easy account payment by Internet, telephone, mail or at Bank branches

Assur-paymentTM - Coverage when you need it the most

The Assur-paymentTM combines insurance2, advice and health and wellness assistance services to support you and your loved ones in the event of the unexpected. Offered as an optional Laurentian Bank Visa* card ​benefit, Assur-paymentTM provides the support to help you in your daily life and when you need it most.

Coverage when you need it the most
Combines life, disability and job loss insurance3 to fully cover you.

Assistance services4 focused on health and well-being
Provides personal budgeting advice, legal advice, and psychological, grief and emotional loss support.

Learn more


Annual/monthly fees5
  • Free
Additional card5
  • Free
Annual interest rate5
  • 19.99% on purchases
  • 21.99% on balance transfers and cash advances
  • Available upon request
Credit card's documentation


* Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.
TM Trademark of Laurentian Bank of Canada.

Legal notice

1. To sign up for the coverage, each authorized user must comply with the agreement governing the use of the Laurentian Bank Visa card, including conditions regarding the obligation to protect the PIN.
2. Some terms and conditions apply. Assur-PaymentTM protection for Laurentian Bank Visa cards is issued by the Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. To be eligible, you must be aged 18 to 64 inclusively at the date of application, live in Canada and hold a Visa account open and in good standing. A monthly fee of $0.97 per $100 of the monthly balance used applies. Subject to change. For more details, refer to the summary of the insurance product and the insurance certificate.
3. Some term and conditions apply. Details in the summary of the insurance product and the insurance certificate. A waiting period is applicable before benefit payments start: a) in the event of disability, 30 consecutive days for an insured who worked at least 20 hours of paid work in each of the four weeks preceding the beginning of the disability, and 90 consecutive days for successive periods of disability; b) in the event of loss of employment, 30 consecutive days following job loss.
4. Offered by Homewood Health Inc.
5. Subject to change.

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